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100M 4+1 Giga Uplink+1*1.25G SFP POE Switch Internal Power Supply

POE (PowerOverEthernet) means that without any changes to the infrastructure of CAT5 or CAT6 network wiring, it provides electrical transmission functions while transmitting signals for IP-based terminals. POE power supply is to provide power through the Ethernet interface connected to the cable. The way only relies on the network cable connected to the communication terminal to complete the power supply for them. This series of POE provides 48V voltage, and the transmission distance of AI smart selection power supply is as long as 100/250m. Using high-performance Ethernet switching main chip and PSE power supply chip combined with fast Ethernet transmission data signal and power supply function, and intelligent Ethernet POE power supply with AI intelligent management function, never burn the machine; with high backplane and capacity design, It has extremely fast data processing capabilities and smooth transmission of high-definition network data. Seiko steel alloy body electrostatic paint, promote dual-flow heat dissipation, stable performance and trouble-free work ≥ 30,000 hours; excellent port performance, simple installation. Support port fully loaded with IEEE802 3af/at standard power supply; 100M POE power supply: 12+/36- (data synchronous transmission); WEB and other network management system platforms, easy to operate configuration switches and POE related parameter functions, provide safe transmission guarantee for video surveillance and network communication.

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  • 1. Support full port IEEE802.3af/at standard

    2. Transmit Ethernet data through a network cable and provide power supply function;

    3. It can automatically detect and identify PD power receiving equipment that

    meets the IEEE802.3af/IEEE802.3at standard;

    4. Support port power supply priority to ensure continuous power supply at network gateways;

    5. It has a short-circuit protection function. When the current is too large or the PD device fails, the power supply will be stopped to protect the PD powered device;

    6. It comes with energy-saving and environmental protection, supports automatic standby mode and cable length and other functions, that is, automatically standby to save energy when the port is not connected. When the cable length is less than 10 meters, it provides the power transmission rate;

    7. Support SNMP protocol, WEB management, flexible configuration of switch related parameter functions;

    8.Full-series product line: 1-24 POE power supply port selection, 1-2 uplink electrical ports and SFP optical port cascade applications;


  • product name

    6 ports POE Switch


    1*10/100/1000Mbps RJ45 Port+1*1.25G SFP fiber ports

    POE Port


    POE distance

    DIP switch setting function: 1. Reset; 2. Transmission 100 meters or 250 meters

    Power supply pin

    1 2 +/3 6-

    data transmission

    1 2 +/3 6-

    Singl port power


    Total power


    voltage range

    AC220V / DC52V

    Work Tempreature




  • 202*140*45mm 

  • POE交换机应用矢量图.jpg