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【New product】Leading the new future of the transmission industry!

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Cloud Management Media Converter

◆ Product Advantages:

    Cloud management equipment (fiber media converters, fiber switches, etc.) and cloud management platforms are the first in China, with their own core technologies and full intellectual property rights. Remote centralized monitoring and background rendering of front-end devices can be easily implemented through this system. The operation and maintenance management platform can present real-time information of the device: power supply status, fiber port status, Ethernet electrical port status, optical module information (wavelength, distance, rate, temperature, optical power) and other parameters; and real-time alarm and record, Simple operation, real-time alarm, accurate positioning, efficient maintenance, intelligent management, and minimize procurement, inventory, construction, network construction, and operation and maintenance costs, providing customers with cost-effective line management solutions.


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◆ Product Features:

  • There is no need to modify the central office (computer room) equipment, and the front end uses the cloud management optical transceiver or switch device to realize unified management of the cloud platform, and can provide a data interface for integration by a third-party platform;

  • Unified management of the cloud platform, supporting multi-service form devices, using a graphical interface, can manage up to thousands of nodes, so that the interface is simple and clear management;

  • Use the central office cloud management server device to complete the operation and maintenance and cloud management of 200 points in the smart community;

  • Realize the real-time monitoring of the loss of fiber, off the network, power failure and instant alarm, convenient operation and maintenance, accurate positioning equipment failure, fast processing;

  • Support local console management and remote telnet, web, tftp and other management and upgrade functions;

  • Fiber port 100/1000M adaptive, high compatibility, easy to interconnect all 100M/1000M optical devices;

  • The power supply adopts 5-12V wide voltage input, and monitors the power supply status in real time to realize power failure alarm;

  • Scientific circuit layout, strong anti-interference ability, electric port lightning protection 6KV, to meet the needs of various occasions;

  • The working status indicator is complete, and the working status is clear at a glance;

  • External professional adapter, safe and stable, the whole power consumption is less than 5W;


◆ Product Parameters

  • Technical Parameters

    Ethernet Standard

    IEEE802.3IEEE802.3u IEEE802.3z 、IEEE802.3x


    Optical port

    Interface form: 1*9 or SFP (recommended SFP-LC interface)

    Interface rate: adaptive, 100M/1000M optical port interconnection

    Transmission distance: multimode fiber: 550M;

    single mode fiber: 20/40/60/80/100/120km

    Electrical interface

    Interface form: RJ45 Electrical interface
    Interface rate:10/100/1000Madaptive,

    Transmission distance:100m (Standard CAT5/CAT5e cable)

    Power interface

    DC power interface

    Serial port

    Console port,local management port115200bps


    RST buttonreset (short press),restore factory settings (long press)


    Panel indicator

    PWR      On: Power supply is normal
    SYS       Flash: management function is running normally

    TP 100M  On: The electrical port rate is 100M.

    Flash: Data transmission

    TP 1G     On: the electrical port rate is 1000M.

    Flash: Data transmission

    FX 100M  On: Optical port rate is 100M  Flash: Data transmission

    FX 1G     On: Optical port rate is 1000M  Flash: Data transmission

    Power Supply Characteristics

    Input voltage

     DC5V~12V (External power supply)

    Full load power consumption


    Overload protection


    Working Environment

    Working temperature


    Storage temperature


    Relative Humidity


    Mechanical Property


     Metal shell

    Installation method

    Desktop independent installation



    Warranty period

    3 years

    Contact us

    Telephone: +86-0755-33591616

    Hotline : 4006782336

    ADD: 9 Floor ,Block B ,  Hengbang Science Park ,Loucun 1st Industrial Zone , Guangming New District ,Shenzhen ,China  518106

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